Green HVAC/R

Mainstream’s Green Certification adds relevant new tools to your professional skills. Provides the fundamentals behind current energy saving equipment options, energy auditing, effects of building infrastructure on efficiency, and energy saving preventative maintenance.

Green HVAC/R Certification

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Mainstream offers free study materials for Green HVAC/R Certification online:

Green Certification is not an EPA required certification. It is however, becoming one of the most important concerns for building owners, home owners, and industry professionals in the United States. Becoming Green HVAC/R certified demonstrates to customers, peers, and potential employers that you are aware of and possess a basic understanding of the principles behind energy conservation and how it relates to the heating and cooling industry.

Mainstream’s Green HVAC/R Certification Manual is free to read and available here. When you decide to become certified, click the “Get Started” link above to start an open book test. The $24.95 exam fee includes the exam itself and a wallet-sized certification card. If you do not pass the first time the cost to retest is only $5.95.