R410A Certification

Refrigerant 410A is a near azeotropic refrigerant, meaning while it is a non-azeotrope refrigerant it exhibits a very low temperature glide during evaporation or condensation, making it behave very nearly like an azeotropic refrigerant.

Although not required to work with refrigerants, our R-410A certification is beneficial because of the higher pressure associated with R-410A equipment. Mainstream Engineering created a training program designed for EPA Section 608 technicians to handle R-410A safely.

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Mainstream offers free study materials for R-410A Certification online:

No new EPA certification is necessary for working with R-410A, and Mainstream’s Section 608 training includes training for all refrigerants including R-410A. However, because of the higher pressure nature of R-410A, most manufacturers agree that additional specific R-410A training is a wise choice. Toward this goal, Mainstream developed an R-410A training program for certified EPA Section 608 technicians. This R-410A training is not intended to teach air conditioning/refrigeration system installation, troubleshooting, or repair. Refrigeration technicians should already be knowledgeable in these areas prior to taking this course. This supplemental training is to be used with and requires a knowledge of the methods and procedures described in Mainstream’s EPA Section 608 Training Program, including information presented in Mainstream’s Desktop Reference and Training Guide for 608 Certification in the Proper Use of Refrigerants, including, Recycling, and Reclamation.

Mainstream’s R410A Certification Manual is free to read and available here. When you decide to become certified, click the "Get Started" link above to start an open-book test. The $26.95 exam fee includes the exam itself and a wallet-sized certification card. If you do not pass the first time, the cost to retest is only $7.95.

Mainstream is approved by the EPA as a certifying agency for Section 608 Type I, II, III, and Universal exams and Section 609 Motor Vehicle A/C certification.