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EPA 608

You can take your EPA Section 608 certification test through Mainstream Engineering and EPATest.com online. Our free software prepares you for taking your online exam, as well as the materials and resources needed for Type II, Type III, and Universal Certifications. Our company is approved by the EPA to provide EPA Certifications to technicians in the HVAC/R industry.

EPA 609

Technicians planning on working with Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners (MVAC) and purchasing refrigerants will need to undergo certification for EPA 609. Mainstream Engineering offers online EPA 609 testing, as well as a free study manual to ensure your success. Simply fill out the 25-question, open-book test (along with paying the fee), and you’ll receive your EPA certification after a short wait.


While not required to work with refrigerants, our R-410A Certification is beneficial due to the higher pressure associated with R-410A Products. Mainstream Engineering has created a training program designed for EPA Section 608 technicians for the safe handling of R-410A. Passing technicians will receive a wallet-sized certification card to show their credentials to future employers, vendors, and customers.

PM Tech

A preventative maintenance technician will be able to provide a full range of services to keep cooling systems in optimal condition. Our PM Tech Certification provides training and instruction on acid and moisture detection, water and acid removal, compressor maintenance, refrigeration charging techniques, coil maintenance, leak testing, and more. This certification program from Mainstream Engineering is known to be an effective tool for technicians looking to gain an edge in a competitive industry. While not required, this program is geared toward EPA 608 technicians looking to sharpen their skills.

Indoor Air Quality

The air circulating through buildings has now been shown to be much more involved in the health of its inhabitants than we ever thought before. Your company can add Indoor Air Quality Services to every service call with this certification program. This training and test will cover the best ways for a technician to inspect, adjust, and maintain a building’s ducting, humidifiers, blowers, and more. These steps help to create cleaner, fresher air within the structure.

Green HVAC/R

Those looking for a new way to gain the edge in providing eco-friendly and professional HVAC services can rely on Mainstream’s Green Certification program. This certification shows that you are up to speed on energy audits, energy-efficient equipment, and preventative maintenance measures to ensure the best operations. Many home and business owners are concerned about their environmental impact, making our Green HVAC/R program a great choice for responsible and efficient services.


Some technicians can benefit from learning about all applicable techniques and regulations associated with the safe handling of flammable hydrocarbon and hydrofluoroolefin refrigerants (HCs and HFOs). Proper handling of these refrigerants is important, which is why Mainstream Engineering offers complete training for EPA 608-certified technicians.

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Individuals looking for EPA certifications for work in the HVAC industry can rely on the Mainstream Engineering Corporation for fast, professional testing measures and training you can trust. Check out our online store for certification cards and wall certificates, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.