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Indoor Air Quality Certification Exam

This training and dertification program is designed to help advance the fundamental principles necessary to improve the quality of conditioned air inside buildings.

  • This is an open-book exam, you may use the manual freely, but you may not receive help from any other person during the exam.
  • You may print a copy of the Training Manual prior to taking the exam. The manual will also be available for you to reference during the exam.
  • To become certified you MUST:
    • Score a 21 of 25 or higher on the exam,
    • Be EPA Section 608 Certified with Mainstream or another EPA-approved testing organization. You might need to fax in proof of 608 certification are not certified with Mainstream. Fax: (321) 631-3552
  • The IAQ Manual is free for your use however there is a fee of $26.95 for your first attempt at the certification exam and $7.95 for each additional attempt. The exam fee includes 1 (one) plastic certification card however if you wish to purchase additional certification cards, wall certificates, iron-on patches or other certification materials you may purchase these items at the IAQ section of our online store.
  • When you are ready to take the exam read the exam instructions below or if you are already familiar with Mainstream's online testing system you can take the exam online by logging in to your Personal Certification Account.

IAQ Certification Exam Rules and Procedure

  1. Select the exam(s) you would like to take. If you select an exam you must pay for, such as this exam, you are required to pay for your exam before you begin. You will be charged regardless of whether you finish your exam or not. If you become disconnected, or must leave the exam you can resume your exam at any time by logging back into your personal certification profile and click the "resume exam" link.
  2. If you would like to pay using a personal check or a money order you must create a certification profile and click on the exam you would like to take. Continue with the screens that follow until you are prompted to pay by Visa/MasterCard or by check/money order. You will be asked to print an order request form to send in with your payment. YOU MUST SEND THIS ORDER FORM IN WITH YOUR CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.
  3. If during the exam, you are disconnected, you can reconnect to your exam by logging in to your personal certification account and clicking on the "Resume Test" link.
  4. If for any reason during the exam you are unhappy with this on-line exam program, you can receive a full refund by sending an email to info@epatest.com that explains the nature of your complaint. Refunds are not given for completed tests regardless of the outcome. Your name will be retained in our database and you will be banned from future exams with Mainstream Engineering.

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