EPA-Approved Section 608 Certification is needed to service building air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Test Preparation

Mainstream Engineering Corporation is an EPA-approved testing organization for the required EPA Refrigeration Technician Certification Exam. To ensure a better chance of passing this exam, Mainstream Engineering has developed a self-study course the technician can use at home to better understand what the EPA exam questions will involve. The individually boxed course includes a 142 page fully illustrated study manual, a two-hour practice video, and a one-hour practice audiotape. Four Hundred (400) practice questions are provided with the study course to improve your opportunity for passing the first time.

Qwik608® Self-Study Course

Available only at your local HVAC distributor

  • EPA approved tests for Type I, II, III, and Universal
  • Receive your EPA Certification card, Videotape, Audiotape, Reference manual, QwikStudy guide, Practice Tests, Study Software, and EPA Certification Test
  • Course material is presented quickly and easily
  • Price includes EPA certification test and card
  • Pass the test the first time
  • No waiting for a class to form
  • Results are available online at ww2.epatest.com
  • Exams Processed within 2 business days
  • Customer Support Available
  • Spanish Version Available

How to Take the EPA Section 608 Universal Test

When the technician is ready for testing, contact a local HVAC distributor to arrange for the test to be taken at the distributor’s location. The test must by proctored by an individual designated by Mainstream Engineering, this has already been arranged between your distributor and Mainstream. After the test is completed, the distributor mails the test to Mainstream for grading. Once an exam is received at Mainstream, it is graded within 2 business days. If you would like to receive your results instantly ask your distributor if they offer Mainstream’s electronic universal test. Test results are mailed to the technician and posted online at ww2.epatest.com the same day the exam is graded.

The EPA Certification Card is Mailed Directly to the Student

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